Faculty Research

The faculty of the FIU Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice have extensive publication records and are experts in various areas within criminology, criminal justice, and its allied disciplines. Below you can find a listing of the primary research areas of the faculty, as well as external links to their publications. Information on externally-funded grant projects being carried out by faculty members can be accessed through the menu link to the left.

Faculty Research Areas Profile
Dr. Candice Ammons-Blanfort juvenile justice, gun crime, policing, racial disparities Profile
Dr. Ellen Cohn weather and crime, citation analysis, intimate partner violence, history of the criminal justice system Profile
Dr. G. Alexander Crowther cybersecurity, crime, and terror; information; unconventional competition; Western Hemisphere; Europe; strategy Profile
Dr. Stewart D'Alessio research design, quantitative analysis, public policy Profile
Dr. Kristin Elink efficacy of forensic evidence, forensic databases, criminal investigations, crime scene investigation techniques, and training for investigators Profile
Dr. Jamie Flexon juvenile delinquency, minorities and crime, law and social control, criminal justice policy, capital punishment Profile
Dr. Tim Goddard social justice in crime policy, youth offending prevention, neighborhood partnerships Profile
Dr. Amy Gregory investigative interviewing techniques, police note-taking and report writing, witness interviewer training, eyewitness memory and identification procedures, legal decision-making in criminal and civil cases Profile
Dr. Rob Guerette situational crime prevention, problem and community-oriented policing, transnational crime, program, and policy evaluation Profile
Dr. Suman Kakar human trafficking, comparative law and legal systems, immigration, refugee crisis, lived religions and mindfulness, law enforcement, women empowerment, gender, and crime Profile
Dr. Besiki Kutateladze performance indicators, prosecution, racial justice, equality, rule of law Profile
Dr. Ryan Meldrum delinquency, self-control, peers, biosocial criminology, prosecution, health and crime, intelligence, juvenile justice, sleep Profile
Dr. Robert Peacock police integrity, comparative criminal justice, procedural justice, legitimacy, cybercrime and security Profile
Dr. Stephen Pires situational crime prevention, GIS, conservation wildlife crime, kidnapping for ransom Profile
Dr. Rebecca Richardson prosecution, sentencing, social inequality in the justice system, criminal justice policy, quantitative methods Profile
Dr. Lisa Stolzenberg race and crime, prosecution, sentencing, criminal justice policy Profile
Dr. Kristen Zgoba violence, sexual offense legislation, corrections, criminal justice policy Profile