Candice Ammons-Blanfort

Candice Ammons-Blanfort

Areas of Expertise

Juvenile Justice, Gun Crime, Policing, Racial Disparities


BS, University of Tennessee, Criminal Justice, 2012
MS, University of Tennessee, Criminal Justice, 2015
PhD, Florida International University, International Crime and Justice, 2019


Office: Modesto Maidique Campus, PCA-251A
Phone: 305.348.9727

Professor Ammons-Blanfort is a Visiting Instructor in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs. She earned her PhD in International Crime and Justice (2019) from Florida International University (FIU). Her dissertation focused on inner racial gun crime and assessed the correlation between race, firearm violence, and police diversity. While she matriculated through the graduate program at FIU, she worked as a Digital Assistant and adjunct instructor. She holds a Master of Science in Criminal Justice (2015) from the University of Tennessee where she taught courses as well.

Prior to academia, Professor Ammons-Blanfort worked as an outreach program director for a non-profit organization. While serving in this capacity, she developed programs for high-risk adolescents who were prone to delinquency and violence. She is a certified victim advocate as well. Currently, she maintains the department’s online teaching resource guide and provides mentorship to first generation college students.