Dr. Meldrum to Appear on PBS Health Channel on May 16th

Dr. Meldrum will appear for an hour long show on the South Florida PBS Health Channel on Thursday May 16th at 11 AM. He will be discussing research on the consequences of inadequate sleep among teenagers, with a particular focus on involvement in delinquency and substance use. He will also discuss research implicating various reasons why many teenagers do not get adequate sleep and the role that delaying middle-school and high-school start times may play in reducing sleep deficits.

Currently, the PBS Health Channel may be found on the following channels: Over-the-Air (Free TV): Channel 2.3; Comcast Cable: Miami Dade: Channel 201; Broward: Channel 201; Palm Beach County: Channel 205 or 1193; Martin County: Channel 1193; Monroe County: Channel 201 or 1196; Atlantic Broadband: Miami: Channel 652; Miami Beach: Channel 652. The station is also live-streamed over the internet at www.allhealthtv.com.