Oscar Vigoa

Oscar Vigoa

Areas of Expertise

Global and International Terrorism, Homeland Security, Economic Crime, Problem Oriented Policing, Crime Prevention, and Global and Policing Leadership


BS, Florida International University, Criminal Justice, 1993
MPA, University of Miami, Leadership, 1999
PhD, Lynn University, Global Leadership, 2010


Office: Modesto A. Maidique Campus PCA-353A
Phone: 305.348.8449
Email: ovigoa@fiu.edu

Dr. Vigoa completed his graduate work at the school of business at Lynn University. While working as the Assistant Director of Departmental Services for Miami-Dade Police Department he completed and published his dissertation on Uniformed Preventative Patrol (policing) and crime reduction; a criminal justice project which is currently serving police departments around the nation with invaluable evidence stemming from the Kansas City Uniformed Patrol Experiment. Dr. Vigoa was also responsible for all special events in Dade County to include the Superbowl in 2010, extensive research and preparation were conducted which in turn were used for other such events around the nation. Dr. Vigoa was responsible for the “birth” of the Rapid Deployment Force (RDF) project that is currently being used around the nation to successfully subdue domestic disturbances. These are but a few of the special events and projects that Dr. Vigoa has been involved with.

Dr Vigoa has taught and consulted with police officials in Latin America, to include the countries of Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, and El Salvador. In addition, Dr. Vigoa has also consulted with local police departments in the areas of policing and leadership.

Dr. Vigoa’s current research interests include; global and international terrorism, Homeland security, community oriented policing, and economic crimes such as, white collar crime; leadership principles and traits.