Rosa Chang

Rosa Chang, Senior Instructor and Director of Graduate Programs

Phone: 305.348.5523
Office: PCA-351A
Email: rechang@fiu.edu

Ellen Cohn

Ellen Cohn, Associate Professor

Phone: 305.348.5846
Office: PCA-261A
Email: cohne@fiu.edu

Stewart D'Alessio

Stewart D'Alessio, Professor

Phone: 305.348.6277
Office: PCA-263B
Email: dalessi@fiu.edu

Jamie Flexon

Jamie Flexon, Associate Professor

Phone: 305.348.0423
Office: PCA-366A
Email: flexonj@fiu.edu
Website: http://www.jamieflexon.com

Brittany Gilmer

Brittany Gilmer, Assistant Professor

Phone: 305.348.7917
Office: PCA-369
Email: bgilmer@fiu.edu

Tim Goddard

Tim Goddard, Assistant Professor

Phone: 305.348.0424
Office: PCA-256
Email: tgoddard@fiu.edu

Rob Guerette

Rob Guerette, Associate Professor and PhD Director

Phone: 305.348.0424
Office: PCA-366B
Email: guerette@fiu.edu

Suman Kakar

Suman Kakar, Associate Professor

Phone: 305.348.5992
Office: PCA-352B
Email: kakars@fiu.edu

Besiki Luka Kutateladze

Besiki Luka Kutateladze, Assistant Professor

Phone: 305.348.4892
Office: PCA-364A
Email: bkutatel@fiu.edu

Ryan Meldrum

Ryan Meldrum, Associate Professor

Phone: 305.348.5849
Office: PCA-364B
Email: rmeldrum@fiu.edu

Stephen Pires

Stephen Pires, Associate Professor

Phone: 305.348.4872
Office: PCA-357
Email: sfpires@fiu.edu

Juan Saiz

Juan Saiz, Senior Instructor

Phone: 305.348.5843
Office: PCA-367B
Email: saizj@fiu.edu

Luis Salas

Luis Salas, Professor

Phone: 305.348.5952
Office: MARC-430
Email: salasl@fiu.edu
Website: http://caj.fiu.edu/

Ted Shields

Ted Shields, Digital Faculty and Technology Liaison

Phone: Phone: 305.348.3066
Office: PCA-252A
Email: thshield@fiu.edu

Lisa Stolzenberg

Lisa Stolzenberg, Professor and Department Chair

Phone: 305.348.5890
Office: PCA-253A
Email: stolzenb@fiu.edu

Carleen Vincent-Robinson

Carleen Vincent-Robinson, Senior Instructor and Associate Chair

Phone: 305.348.3882
Office: PCA-252A
Email: vincentc@fiu.edu