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Dr. Meldrum and Graduate Students Investigate the Causes of Parental Exasperation

Along with current Ph.D. student Teresa Encalada and former graduate student George Connolly, Dr. Meldrum has had a paper accepted for publication investigating the causes of parental exasperation among parents whose children are involved in the juvenile justice system. Their research reveals that a number of different factors, particularly parental low self-control and the extent to which children are involved in the juvenile justice system, are each salient predictors of parental exasperation.


Dr. Gilmer receives the 2016 Richard Morrill Award from the American Association of Geographers

The award is given to an individual who has used her or his political geographic expertise to affect change in public thought or public policy beyond the academy--in Dr. Gilmer's case, through her work on policy responses to and the criminalization of piracy in Somalia. The Political Geography Specialty Group board will present Dr. Gilmer with the award at the American Association of Geographers annual meeting in San Francisco March 29-April 2, 2016.


British Governments Home Secretary (the equivalent to our U.S. Attorney General) cited Professor Guerette's research in her “modern crime prevention strategy."

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Dr. Meldrum named a 2016 FIU Top Scholar

In recognition of his achievements in research productivity and having been awarded the 2016 ACJS New Scholar Award, Provost Furton has named Dr. Meldrum a 2016 FIU Top Scholar. Dr. Meldrum will be honored along with other FIU awardees at a reception hosted by President Rosenberg and Provost Furton at the Ronald Reagan House on April 25th.


Dr. Gilmer and Joelle Lee-Silcox produce technical report for the United Nations

Dr. Gilmer and current Ph.D. student, Joelle Lee-Silcox, recently co-authored a technical report on Somali fishermen for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). The report examines the dynamics and social profiles of Somali fishermen for future counter-piracy programming in and outside of the fisheries sector. An FAO representative will be presenting the findings of the report at an international maritime crime meeting being held in the Seychelles at the end of May.


Passengers can get rude or even violent on a cramped flight, and the number of incidents of unruly fliers is climbing globally.

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The incidents of disputes and unruly passengers on planes are on the rise, and if you want to avoid such trouble, stay clear of young men, people who are self-centered and travelers who have little experience flying on planes.

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In a new paper that surveyed 750 adults in the US, researcher Ryan Meldrum from Florida International University aimed to see if he could paint a portrait of the “imprudent” airline passenger.

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Making of a Murderer: Social and Genetic Factors May Lead Youth to Kill

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You can get more info about the program, and fill out the online application, at:

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