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Dr. Meldrum will appear for an hour long show on the South Florida PBS Health Channel on Thursday May 16th at 11 AM to discuss research on the causes and consequences of inadequate sleep among teenagers.

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ICJ PhD student Erik Cruz has a paper accepted for publication in the Migration Studies. Cruz's study examines the effect of terrorism on attitudes towards immigration.

ICJ Ph.D. student Robert Archer has had a solo-author paper accepted for publication in the journal Victims and Offenders. Archer's study examines the influence of sexual assault victimization on engagement in self-protective behaviors among college students and the mediating role that fear of crime plays in shaping this process.

At the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS) annual award ceremony on March 29, Dr. Peacock was awarded the Michael C. Braswell / Routledge Outstanding Dissertation Award for his thesis Applying Tyler’s Process-based Model of Legitimacy in a Developing Country. In the photo, Dr. Peacock is congratulated by award namesake Michael Braswell and graduate committee members.

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Professor Pires has published his new book entitled Wildlife Crime. The book applies environmental criminology and crime science principles and techniques to the study, analysis, and prevention of wildlife crime.

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The Provost has named Dr. Kutateladze and Dr. Meldrum as FIU Top Scholars for 2018. Dr. Kutateladze is being recognized for securing external funding from the MacArthur Foundation and the Koch Foundation to support his research program on prosecution. Dr. Meldrum is being recognized for his mentorship of ICJ PhD students. Both Dr. Kutateladze and Dr. Meldrum will be honored along with other award recipients at a private reception to be held at Ronald Reagan Presidential House later this month.

Congratulations to Erik Cruz, he has been awarded the Dissertation Year Fellowship (DYF) from the University Graduate School (UGS). Erik is our first PhD candidate to receive this fellowship. Join me in congratulating him on this accomplishment.

The Department of Criminal Justice at Kutztown University has invited Robert Peacock to join Professor Emeritus Gary Cordner in presenting on the 2015-2017 start up of a new Ukrainian national police department composed largely of a wave of 18,000 new recruits and more than 25% female officers.

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Dr. Pires was invited to speak at the Symposium on Trafficking at Michigan State University's Law School where he presented on the topic of "Wildlife Crime: Patterns of Poaching, Trafficking, and Selling Illicit Wildlife".

These projects are being implemented in partnership with prosecutors’ offices in Chicago, Milwaukee, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Miami. The goals include increasing anti-LGBTQ hate-crime investigation and prosecution, addressing racial and ethnic disparities in prosecution, developing new measures of prosecutorial performance, and assessing the influence of charging decisions on disproportionate punishment.

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