Law Enforcement Apprenticeship Program

Field Experience Director

Dr. Carleen Vincent-Robinson

The Law Enforcement Apprenticeship Program (LEAP) combines classroom instruction with specialized police training and workplace experience to produce successful law enforcement professionals and future leaders in the field. LEAP provides students with college credits towards the completion of the Bachelor of Science degree programs in Criminal Justice (BSCJ) or Crime Science (BSCS). There are two options available to earn credits: graduation from a law enforcement academy and advanced career development.

Law Enforcement Academy (15 credits)

  1. Minimum of 60 credits in the BSCJ or BSCS degree program.
  2. Graduation from a Florida state-certified Law Enforcement Academy (or equivalent) while enrolled in the BSCJ or BSCS.
  3. Completion of an internship in a sponsoring law enforcement agency (CCJ 4940).

Advanced Career Development (12 credits)

  1. Current employment as a certified law enforcement officer.
  2. Minimum of 60 credits in the BSCJ or BSCS degree program.
  3. Completion of a minimum of 120 hours of Florida stateā€certified courses for advanced and specialized training programs (or equivalent).

LEAP Application

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